Digital transformation advice from a UK Google Cloud Premier Partner

Digital transformation advice from a UK Google Cloud Premier Partner

One of the benefits of creating a digital workplace is that it can improve workplace collaboration and team productivity. If you use G Suite, you already know it helps your team hold more effective meetings, thanks to Hangouts, the Hangouts Meet bot and Google Jamboard's shared cloud based whiteboards.

How to use G Suite to boost team productivity and collaboration

Google has recently introduced several new features in Hangouts Meet that will make your meetings even better. You can now:

  • record meetings and save them to Drive. Colleagues who miss a meeting can catch up later, helping them get the full picture of what was discussed and how decisions were reached. Team members can catch up on training they couldn't attend. And if you need to check a few details or confirm the reasons for a decision down the line, it's easy when you've got a comprehensive record of what happened.
  • host meetings with up to 50 participants. Now you can bring together more people than ever. That's especially useful if you're working on projects that cut across multiple business areas or involve many external partners.
  • let participants dial in from around the globe. A dial-in option is now available for Hangouts Meet in more than a dozen countries, with Google adding more locations all the time. If you board a flight in one country and land in another, Meet will even automatically update your meeting’s dial-in listing to a local phone number. That means team members who are traveling or who don't have access to a good internet connection don't need to miss out, no matter where they are.

All these features are only available in G Suite Enterprise, so if you've been wondering whether an Enterprise licence is right for your organisation, here are three more great reasons to upgrade.

Check out our whitepaper for 10 ways to use G Suite for more collaborative and  productive ways of working.

At Ancoris, we think the new Hangouts Meet has something for everyone, whether you're new to G Suite or a long-term user looking to get more out of your investment. So if you want to find out more about how a meeting room powered by G Suite can help you hold better video calls, come and talk to our G Suite experts.

Download: 10 reasons to leap into a  collaborative new world with G Suite