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Ancoris CMOLabs

Ancoris CMOLab solutions support organisations and their digital partners in two ways.

Marketing Spend Optimisation help CMOs make marketing decisions by correlating marketing spend with marketing KPIs and ROI in real time.

Recommendation Engine give your customers more of what they love by suggesting products based on their preferences.

Ancoris CFOLab

Predictive cash flow modelling using AI

Accurately predicting cash flow is more difficult now than ever, due to a number of exceptional business factors linked to the current pandemic.

Ancoris CFOLab is a solution designed for business leaders to generate actionable insights to analyse, forecast and improve your company's cash flow.

Ancoris GreenLab

GreenLab helps business leaders contribute to their organisation’s sustainability goals by providing insight into the carbon impact of on premise and hosted datacenter deployments.

Our GreenLab Assessment helps you understand how to make sure your business is run in the most sustainable and efficient way.

Ancoris UXLab

Customers have become more demanding about their brand experience. Ancoris UXLab Customer Hub reinvents the on premise customer portal putting the user experience at the heart of development.

We believe that UX design, thorough user testing feedback and improvement is key to rapid user adoption.

Ancoris is Google certified to successfully deliver Google Cloud solutions (1)

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Whitepaper - 7 rules for success with the modern data analytics platform

Use the data you already collect to make better decisions, operate more efficiently, and improve customer experiences and engagement.

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