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How to propose new meeting times in Google Calendar

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This month sees new sign in options for G Suite, proposed meeting times in the Google Calendar, and Google+ integration in new Google Sites.

Google Calendar

If you are sent an invitation to a meeting, and would like to attend but can’t make the schedule meeting time, you can propose a new time to the meeting organiser. The organiser will receive your proposal and can accept it to change the meeting time, or reject it to leave the meeting time as is.

Watch our how-to video to find out more about proposing meeting times: 

This functionality will be available in the Google Calendar apps for Android and iOS in August, so you will be able to propose new meeting times from your mobile device too.

G Suite Sign In

Your administrator can now set G Suite to ask for your employee ID at sign on, if it doesn’t recognise the device you are logging in from.


Google Drive

Searching in Google Drive has never been easier - you will now see a range of options when you click on the Search drop-down arrow, to quickly search for documents by collaborator or file type. Click on an option to see matching files instantly, or click on Advanced Search to add additional criteria. 


Google Sites

You can now embed Google+ streams into new Google Sites e.g. a top-level community page, a community category page, a collection page or a Google+ profile.

Watch our how-to video to find out more about embedding Google+ streams in Google Sites:

Note that Google+ permissions will continue to work as normal when embedded into Google SItes. If private Google+ content is embedded, for example, only users with permission to view the content will be able to see it in the Google Site.

Note too that embedded Google+ content only works on sites published on a domain, and not on sites that have been mapped to a specific non-Google URL.

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