Hackney Community College develops intranet with Google Sites

In the summer of 2011, Hackney College wanted to implement a state of the art IT system to keep up with its young and creative community. We partnered with the college to introduce G Suite for Education and Google Sites, which lowered costs and allowed in-house management of the college intranet.

Hackney Community College develops intranet with Google Sites

About Hackney Community College

Hackney Community College is one of London’s largest further education colleges, with over 9,000 students enrolled each year. The college has 500 permanent members of staff and this number can grow to 1000 seasonally.

The big win for us was replacing our whole intranet by Google Sites in less than six weeks. Ancoris designed a Google Sites template that exactly matched our existing intranet, which is accessed by approximately 17,000 students and members of staff. Having a self-service intranet has made the College much more agile and dynamic and has also saved significant costs.

Deputy Chief ExecutiveHackney Community College


  • The college adopted an ambitious IT strategy to equip its stakeholders with modern tools for email and collaboration and to reduce in house costs and maintenance.
  • They were very frustrated with the complexity of updating their outsourced intranet and the associated third party costs. They were keen to find a way of managing the site themselves.
  • The college selected G Suite for Education as their new platform for two main reasons. First a cloud based solution reduces IT workload and costs, and increases reliability and flexibility. Secondly, G Suite provides college staff with additional functionality, including mobile computing, device flexibility and improved collaboration.


  • The college went live during the summer holidays. Since then, it has seen a consistent increase in staff taking advantage of core G Suite functionality, particularly document collaboration and video calls.
  • Ancoris developed a Google Sites template which allows the college to maintain their own intranet. Sections and pages can now be updated by staff themselves with page level access and security built in.
  • Access to the Cloud Skills Academy, Ancoris end user e-learning and e-support portal for G Suite, allows continual self-service training for staff.
  • Users have access to a wide set of state of the art IT functions enabling them to be more productive, and the college has built the foundation for future development of its services in the cloud.