Vallie selects Google Maps for its car parking startup

Founded and based in London, Vallie is changing the way drivers park their car with an affordable and convenient on-demand parking service based on Google Maps. Vallie customers drop their car off in their chosen location and a pre-checked Vallie driver parks it in a secure commercial car park. Customers then have the car brought back to them wherever they want, within 20 minutes.

Vallie selects Google Maps for its car parking startup

About Vallie

Nash and Robin, co-founders of Vallie, were searching for a mapping service to use for the creation of their app. After selecting Google Maps for their project we worked closely with Nash and Robin to help them choose the correct license for a start up business.  We considered all the aspects of their business carefully.

Ancoris really took the time to fully understand our business and its potential. At the end of the day, we ended up with the best licence for us.

Nash IslamCo-founder and CEO of Vallie


  • Vallie needed a mapping service that was consistent across all platforms including iOS, Android and the web.
  • They wanted a service that could handle location data with points of interest and other locations.  These had to be well laid out and precise
  • They required a wide range of APIs to calculate transit and estimated arrival times for their apps.  The APIs also needed to calculate and show directions for customers and drivers, and find the shortest route not just by car but also on foot.
  • Having selected Google Maps as the best technical solution, Vallie engaged with Ancoris to select the best licence for a start up.
Vallie Founders


  • Customers request drop offs and returns through the Vallie app.  Drivers have their own app that tells them where to go and where they’re parking.
  • At the heart of both of those apps are Google Maps APIs which provide high-quality maps and geo-services for every mile.
  • Any queries about Google Maps are directed through Ancoris, so that complex problems are resolved quickly.
  • Vallie is now expanding to other cities in the UK and Europe, and looking to offer services beyond parking, such as taking vehicles to be washed, serviced or re-fueled.
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