Digital transformation advice from a UK Google Cloud Premier Partner

Digital transformation advice from a UK Google Cloud Premier Partner

Everyone agrees that innovation is the key to long-term business success—but we all know that creating change in the workplace is never easy. Here are four of the most common barriers to create a digital workplace and the steps you can take to overcome them.

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  1. We're too busy keeping the current business running to have time to make changes. While this applies across the business, it's a particular headache for the IT department. The IT team typically spends at least 70% of its resources on maintaining legacy systems. You can free up time and money – and become more agile at developing new apps – by using cloud hosting. It allows you to offload routine server management and maintenance. It also gives you immediate on-demand access to new technologies such as Big Data, and a platform that makes it easy to develop mobile apps for employees and customers that integrate with your back-office apps.
  2. We don't have enough people with the right skills. Working with a Google Premier Partner like Ancoris not only gives you immediate access to technical skills but also lets you tap in to a range of implementation methodologies, tools and best practices that have helped us successfully deliver business change at hundreds of customers.
  3. We don't have a culture of innovation. All too often, we're afraid to make changes in case things go wrong. We're unwilling to listen to ideas if they seem to come from the "wrong" place or person. Or we aren't prepared to invest in understanding the possibilities. It takes a push from the very top of the organisation to change those attitudes, but once you've got a few people on board, it can spread like wildfire. That's what retailer HMV found when we ran one of our digital transformation workshops for its finance team. Not only did the team return to the office with more than a dozen ideas for changes they could make in their own operations, but they inspired the rest of the business. Soon, colleagues from other departments were asking for workshops for their own areas.
  4. Our workforce won't support the change. Most of us find change a little scary and don't like being taken out of our comfort zone or routines. A effective change management programme — something we include in every project we undertake – can overcome that resistance and improve employee relations and attitudes. It does this in three ways:
  • making sure you communicate clearly what's happening, from initial idea through to deployment and ongoing support
  • giving employees the skills they need to perform in the new environment
  • finding employees who are more comfortable with change and making them into champions and advocates for less confident colleagues.

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