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Google Maps

Google Maps for business

Google Maps for business, formerly known as Google Maps for Work, allows you to use Google Maps APIs to bring the power of Google Maps to your sites, apps or internal applications. They allow you to engage users, increase conversion rates, streamline operations and make better business decisions.

How Ancoris can help

As a Google Maps Premier Partner, we provide pricing and licensing for the Google Maps APIs and other related mapping APIs. We can also develop bespoke mobile or web applications to support your specific business processes. Our team of Google Maps experts can help you understand how mapping and location intelligence can allow you to bring your data to life and make smarter and faster business decisions.

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Make better decisions

See data in new ways, connect with unique insights and analyse business performance using Google Maps APIs. You can even review how your customers interact with your maps in order to tailor user experiences.

37% of Google Maps customers report improved business efficiencies using Google Maps. Find out how Google Maps can improve your business decision making.

See how Ancoris Maps for Housing is helping housing associations.

Improve sales productivity and marketing results

If location information is at the heart of your business, Google Maps can help you improve staff productivity and optimise your marketing campaigns based on this data.

Find out out estate agents are using Google Maps.

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Ancoris Maps for Housing Using Google Maps

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Streamline operations

Monitor, manage, and protect all your important assets, whether they’re fixed or mobile such as a fleet of vehicles. Improve operational efficiency and save money using Google Maps to keep track of all the moving pieces that make up your company.

40% of customers report increased productivity from using Google Maps.

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Deepen user engagement

Create a visually rich and engaging user experience, encouraging greater interaction and increased conversions by embedding maps into websites and applications.

50% of customers use Google Maps APIs to boost customer satisfaction.

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Embed Maps in your solution

Build location-based applications that can be used via a web browser, mobile devices or desktop computers. Local data provide your application with full access to Google’s worldwide database of over 100 million business listings and points of interest with Google Places APIs

Embedding Maps will add value to your software solution in industries such as telematics, fleet management, CRM, environmental and many more.

We can help you get the most out of Google Maps to increase your solution value and get the appropriate licence set up.

Vallie success story

Find out how Vallie is changing the way drivers park their car with an affordable and convenient on-demand parking service based on Google Maps.

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