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How to use Google Workspace to support effective team collaboration

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Numerous studies have shown that improving workplace collaboration not only significantly increases productivity but helps businesses to become more innovative, get products to market faster, increase customer satisfaction and more easily retain staff . It's no surprise, therefore, that nearly three quarters of organisations rate teamwork and business collaboration as "very important".


Google Workspace is designed from the ground up to help you create the kind of digital workplace where team collaboration is as natural as breathing. It lets you and your team:

  • work on documents simultaneously. Google Workspace lets you see suggestions and changes from colleagues in real time, as they type. You no longer need to spend time collating input from multiple people, because they're all commenting on the same file. And with shared Team Drives, you also know everyone is always looking at “the latest” version – because there is only one version.
  • quickly share documents inside and outside the organisation. As long as you have someone's email address, you can share any document stored in Google Drive with just a few clicks. That makes it easy to create ad hoc teams and pull the right people into the discussion.
  • easily schedule and hold discussions. The new Meet bot in Google Chat handles the mundane work of checking calendars to find the best times for meetings and then issuing meeting invites. Video conferences powered by Google Hangouts help you feel like you're meeting face-to-face with colleagues who are in different locations – and it takes just seconds to fire up a Google Hangout from your browser and pull in anyone who needs to attend, even by phone.
  • brainstorm effectively. Google Jamboard gives you a shared virtual whiteboard that lets you pull in digital content from multiple sources and see everyone's suggestions and scribbles in real time. Colleagues can join jams from anywhere, using the Jamboard app, so the whole team can get involved, no matter where they are.
  • easily control who sees what. Google Workspace makes it easy to add and remove team members as needed, and control exactly who can see, share and edit each piece of content. The result is seamless but secure business collaboration, helping you work together while still meeting regulatory and commercial obligations.
  • work from anywhere, on any device, through web browsers as well as native apps. Being on the move, working from home or being out at a client site is no longer a barrier to staying involved in workplace discussions.

Of course, Google Workspace is not the only digital collaboration tool on the market, but benchmarking shows Google Workspace beats Office 365 hands down when it comes to collaboration. Comparisons from testing experts Principled Technologies found Google Workspace is faster when it comes to accessing and sharing documents, creating and joining video calls, or seeing "live" changes made in shared documents.

If you want to find out more about how you can use Google Workspace to encourage collaboration in your workplace, please click here to contact our Digital Transformation experts.

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