Collaboration at work

Foster collaboration

Improve team collaboration with G Suite

Collaboration at work

Collaborative working and information sharing

The personal productivity tools of the last two decades – such as word processors and spreadsheets – have changed the way individuals work. Now our solution based on G Suite help people to work and innovate together, so businesses can move and grow faster.

Business impact

  • Break down departmental and location siloes
  • Completely remove the need to collate information and manage revisions – now everyone collaborates in the same document.
  • Avoid duplication of work and get things done more quickly and efficiently
  • Increase visibility of information across the organisation
  • Remove shadow IT
  • Reduce exposure of data loss
  • Drive cultural change for greater innovation


Download 10 reasons to use G Suite for collaboration

Mobile first, video first communication

Work happens everywhere, in the office and on the move.  Our solution gives you social tools you won’t find in traditional personal productivity suites, all from your browser, with no need to fire up separate applications.

Business impact

  • Communicate easily with mobile workers
  • Reduce costs of messaging infrastructure
  • Enable consistent use of communications on all devices
  • Increase impact and speed of communication with one to one and group video and chat
  • Increase agility and flexibility with mobile devices





Specsavers wanted to introduce a more reliable and flexible IT system, in order to support better teamworking and collaboration, at any time or place. We partnered with Specsavers and rolled out G Suite across the company, which provided stability, as well as scope to innovate in the future.

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